How to write a pro vaccine article

Here’s a great example  X

This is what I took away from “California Set to Mandate Childhood Vaccines Amid Intense Fight” in the New York Times.

1# Interview people who can’t have vaccines, and talk about their rights, but ignore the rights of those who are vaccine damaged.

2# Repeat the ‘science is settled’ or similar as often as possible.

3# Say that measles, mumps and rubella have almost been eliminated by vaccines and pretend that with mandatory vaccination these diseases will disappear altogether.

4# Call the arguments of those who resist vaccination mandates – ‘emotional debates’

5# Mention the autism vaccine link as a) being discredited, and b) as the main reason that people don’t vaccinate

6# Mention herd immunity (relating to vaccination not naturally acquired disease) as if is a fact and not a theory.

7# Wheel out an expert to say vaccines are safe and responsibility to public health overrides individual choice.

8# Make out that immunization rates are low, when in reality California has vaccine coverage above 92% for each vaccine at all schools.

#9 Blame unvaccinated children for the rise in pertussis cases*, oblivious to the science which shows that waning immunity, vaccine selection pressure and asymptomatic vaccinated pertussis carriers are the real cause.

* they forgot to do this, but I thought I’d add it in anyway for good measure.

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